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I cannot believe how much better I felt after literally one session. I was restricting light cardio (walking) due to knee pain. I felt good enough to take the dog out for a walk that night. I was also on my feet all day grocery shopping and other chores.

Kim - Client



We're more than a fitness studio

Our organization focuses on three pillars to help our clients achieve long-term physical wellness in an environment that's driven by deep relationships, care and science backed expertise. These pillars are strength, flexibility and nutrition/recovery. If any of these three pillars falls behind, the body begins to fall to disrepair - so all of our services revolve around supporting these three pillars. We offer weight training (strength); pilates and Egoscue (mobility); and fuel/recover coaching.

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Personal Training

Look Good, Feel Good

Personal, private attention with programs designed specifically for you. Most facilities use a cookie cutter approach and trainers with little to no experience. Everything is customized to you based on movement assessments and individual needs - and our professionals are seasoned veterans in the training industry. Strength training improves bone density, can help you lose body fat, contours your body and allows you to enjoy recreational activities.



Strength & Stamina

This is the best solution for building flexibility and strength while correcting imbalances from strength training. Pilates is for men and women, but we offer this in-house so you can take care of all your physical needs in-house. We're not interested in just making you better at pilates, we use pilates as one part of a comprehensive plan to help you enjoy your life pain free and dramatically improve your results with strength training.

Nutrition Coaching

A Healthier You

We offer virtual nutrition coaching in an online platform to help stay on track with recovery and optimize your long term health

Image by Brooke Lark


Look Good, Feel Good

Egoscue is a therapy targeted at getting rid of chronic pain. It's an amazing method of realigning the skeletal system through gentle movements. We like to call it, "muscular chiropractic".

MELT method

Strength & Stamina

The MELT Method is a form of self-care that's designed to help your body correct its own imbalances. "Fascia" is a smart web of connective tissue that has been undervalued in medicine and strength training for far too long. No matter how good you are at stretching or weight lifting, this system will develop tension over time - the MELT method empowers you to asses and care for your own body.


Small Group Golf

A healthier golf game

This group is designed to prepare you to play better golf. Reduce aches and pains, get more mobile, feel better.

  • Limit 4 per group

  • Individual programming

  • 3 sessions a week for $105

  • 2 strength, 1 pilates

  • Nutrition seminars with our nutritionist


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Nate Furlong


Nate is a respected Clinical Exercise Physiologist with a degree in health fitness in preventative and rehabilitative programs. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and care for people make him a widely sought after expert by national training organizations, trainers, doctors and other professionals. Nate holds a college degree in exercise and a laundry list of certifications that have produced a specialized knowledge for caring for the human body. 

Ian Johnson

Master Trainer, Egoscue

Ian Johnson is a Master Trainer and is certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer and golf fitness specialist. He is also Egoscue certified to help reduce pain through movement. Ian's fitness journey began after 5 years of working on the road and in-hospital as an EMT. His work gave him an up-close and personal look at what happens to an individual who neglects their health for long periods of time. This experience, coupled with Ian’s love for people sparked a passionate interest in the search for new ways to positively impact lives.  As a trainer, Ian specializes in strength gain, fat loss, posture therapy and navigating difficult issues with the body.

Ian Profile.jpeg
Jeff Profile.jpg

Jeff Siegel

Studio Manager, Pilates

Jeff is a legend in the training industry and is well known and respected by trainers throughout Michigan. He brings over 25 years of experience in personal training, trainer development, trainer management and program design. His training style can best be described as a combination of science meets stand up comedy. Specialties include injury rehab, exercise for seniors, weight loss, post bariatric surgery and body transformation.

Jeff’s certifications include ACE, NASM-CPT and CES (corrective exercise specialist), NSCA and Peak Pilates.

Kevin Allen

Personal Trainer

Kevin started training back in 2013 and holds his NASM certification. As a 20 year military vet, Kevin specializes in program design and has a plethora of experience in all things cardio - including running and cycling. As a single father, business man and all around good guy, Kevin is passionate about encouraging people to work hard to enhance their life and become the healthiest version of themselves they can be.

Check out Kevin's "get to know me" video

Darcy Henrickson_edited.jpg

Dr. Darcy Henrikson

Pilates Instructor

Darcy is a classically trained pilates instructor who brings an infectiously positive energy to our Pilates program!

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