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What's the deal with our 3 pillars?

I started Well Fit Life with one thing in mind - positively impacting the long-term health of the people who chose to trust me. As my understanding of the complexity of the human body has evolved, so has my understanding of what's required to care for the machine that allows us to enjoy our lives. While physical health isn't the only part of the equation, pain, decreased cardiovascular capacity, decreased physical conditioning and disease can all destroy our quality of life.

After working with 1000s of clients, I've identified three pillars that are vital for physical health.

These are strength, mobility and fuel/recovery Pillar 1 - Strength The ability to overcome your environment dictates whether or not you can navigate the world. If you don't have the strength to stand, the ground overcomes you. If you don't have the strength to walk up a flight of stairs, the stairs overcome you. Regularly exposing your body to heavy weights will trigger the release of osteoclasts to make your bones more dense. It will trigger the release of insulin like growth factor to help you control good sugar. It will open your blood vessels to keep your heart and brain healthy, and build muscle. Pillar 2 - Mobility

The ability to move freely enough to accomplish the tasks you enjoy. Mobility is much more than being able to contort your body to strange positions, it's the ability to move your limbs through a range of motion and control that range. Without flexibility, we can't move. Without control, we tear ligaments, muscles and damage joints. Pillar 3 - Fuel/Recovery

Strength and mobility training on their own do very little to improve your body. However, they are VITAL to improving your physical health. Strength and mobility training are light switches that turn on our ability to build healthier bodies and fuel/recovery is the electricity that creates the change. The brain controls the first two pillars create a stimulus and the brain, hormones and other reactions create positive changes based on how recovered and fueled we are. It doesn't matter how much mobility you do if your nervous system is strung out from being under recovered. It doesn't matter how many weights you lift if you don't have adequate protein to build muscle. Fuel/recovery is vital to getting maximum results from mobility and mobility is vital to achieving maximum results from strength. We take great care in working on the whole person. If you want to work on Wellness and Fitness for the rest of your life, we have the solution. Nate Furlong Founder, Well Fit Life, LLC

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