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How is Golf Fitness Different?

Golf Fitness is unique from other forms of training in that it requires a balance of flexibility, strength and explosive power. While the fundamental lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press rows, pull ups and lunges still remain in a golf specific program, each of these must be complimented by small muscle movements that help maintain maximum ROTATIONAL flexibility and power. We like the phrase, "you can have many goals but only one priority". That means that while the golfer continues to get stronger, the priority is to maintain flexibility, control and explosive power. Golfers must spend more time lengthening muscles between exercises and prioritizing speed/the production of ground force through sideways and rotational movement. Make no mistake, golfers will benefit from traditional strength training programs, but if the individual's priority is golf, smart strength training combined with pilates and appropriate nutrition will have them competing at the highest level their body will allow.

In good health, Nate

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