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How Long Should I Rest Between Exercises?

Rest is an extremely important variable in designing exercise programs. The amount of rest time can change the intensity of the workout and the type of stimulus you give your body.

We use these four rest intervals at Well Fit Life


30 - 60 seconds

90 -120 seconds

3-5 minutes SELF REGULATED

Self-regulated intervals are designed are given to bridge the gap between the psychological and physical components of fitness. This type of rest period empowers the individual to help the client take their fitness to real world scenarios.


Use this rest period for muscle growth, stability and endurance. This short duration is not ideal for strength and power development.

60-120 SECONDS This rest period is ideal for a combination of muscle growth and strength.


This rest period is ideal for maximizing both strength and power. It allows for a complete recovery of all systems while potentially minimizing inflammatory markers. For the first 6-8 weeks of a strength program, these variables matter far less. Any stimulation will make a person stronger. Once the athlete moves to intermediate or advanced, rest periods become just as vital as sets, reps and intensity.

In Good health,


Higher Muscle Damage Triggered by Shorter Inter-Set Rest Periods in Volume-Equated Resistance Exercise

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